Coaching Journey

Professio – Coaching Journey

Our Coaching is designed to assist people in overcoming the limitations inherent in their current “knowing” and thus recognise possibilities and realize their potential.

Failing to overcome these limitations means that people inevitably miss realising some 90% of their potential – without even knowing it – and it this journey of discovery that is central to our coaching approach.

Our approach to this coaching journey is defined by our unique 5 Wells and Pathways To Resonance frameworks.



Traditional developmental/leadership methodologies sit on the philosophy that to be human is to be a blank slate or an empty vessel that needs something poured into it in order for it to become. Professio sits at the opposite end of that spectrum by holding to the philosophy that to be human is to intrinsically have the capacity for a deep knowing, that when engaged with, produces increased awareness, clarity, courage and the accuracy essential to enhanced performance and fulfilment.

As such coaching represents a fundamentally different approach to development. It is outcome focused, other centred, and holistically motivated. It’s primary tools are not telling or instruction but discerning questioning and active listening aimed at designing a future and helping you recover much of what you know but have likely forgotten you know.


  • Training – Coaching isn’t telling; it’s listening
  • Consulting – Coaching isn’t directing; it’s discovering
  • Mentoring – Coaching doesn’t rely on the coach’s knowledge; it relies on the capability and ownership of the coachee and the coaches skills drawing that out an putting it to work
  • Counselling – Coaching isn’t past-centred – it’s future-centred (designing futures)
  • Spiritual Direction – coaching isn’t just meditative, it’s action focused


  • Training follows a predetermined agenda – Coaching follows the agenda determined by the person being coached (targets the point of relevance and builds from there).
  • Consulting gives solutions and answers – Coaching focuses on the coachee’s discovery of solutions and the relationship to implementation.
    Counselling focuses on bringing healing to wounds of the past – Coaching looks at current realities and goals and discovers a plan of action to move forward.
  • Mentoring focuses on passing along wisdom, knowledge and experience – Coaching presupposes ability of the coachee and builds on his/her wisdom.
  • Spiritual direction focuses on the inner journey – Coaching holds the meditative and the call to an action together.

Client Testimonies

David has been working with me as my Coach for two years. The desire to have a Coach came from a desire to better manage the stresses I faced within my job. He has empowered me to: (i) better understand myself (personality, strengths and weaknesses), (ii) engage with tools to help cope with moments of stress, (iii) establish clearer boundaries to protect my emotional wellbeing, (iv) find ways to improve my time management, (v) maintain perspective and enjoy life. David is very supportive, attentive, informative, kind and carries out all aspects of his role in a professional manner. I recommend him to others who are looking for similar support.

Jamin Lietze
Principal, Myross Bush School

What David Graham and Professio offer is unique to the market. David is deeply focused on what it means to be human and how we can best work together. This means where he takes you is challenging, confronting and stretching. It is not a list of ‘how to’, ‘must do’ or ‘nice to do’. You can go anywhere for that. Instead, David works with you, the person who has influence, to go deeper and further than many would dare to consider. Together you begin the important journey of exploring your beliefs, values and understandings of yourself and humanity. An effective leader is a leader who knows themselves the most. David takes you on that road.

David McKenzie
Principal, Edendale Primary School

Our reason for engaging with David nearly 10 years ago was to help discover our purpose and gain clarity in how this could be translated to position ourselves in the market. What started out as an organisational conversation (what key tasks belong to who and how do we work true to those tasks) has become a conversation of meaning (What does it mean to be human? What is the role of work in this? How do we build community in this context?). This conversation is deep and is transforming the DNA of our business. Rather than merely focusing on financial targets, we are now focused on how we better construct meaning for ourselves and our customers. When it comes down to it, we all want to make a difference rather than just a profit. Professio has focused us on the right conversation which has led to increased wellness and well-being for our team. Rather than just offering a job, our business now offers meaningful and profitable work.

Brendon Harrex
Director, Peer Review Ltd

“Although being slightly jaded by past experiences with performance coaches, I decided to trust and give David a try. Quite simply, I am stunned. The insights, I have received have been very helpful and the structure I now have around both personal and business goals is delivering immediate and decisive results”

Mark J Beard
Director, Kreshendo Pty Ltd